The Baptist Church of Christ on Four Mile Creek, constituted at Clayton Springs the 5th of August, 1781. Around 1828, the meeting house was moved four miles westward to its present location.

During the Civil War, the meeting house was razed to the ground, and stately oaks that had surrounded it for generations were cut down. When peace came at last, the courtesy of the Methodist brethren provided for the congregation to meet twice a month at Laurel Hill. A meeting house was built on the old site.

In 1890 the congregation built a new meeting house due to the growth in the congregation.

In 1912, through the inspiration of the women of the church, the building was enlarged, remodeled, and rededicated.

In March 1961, the church voted to purchase 13 additional acres of land in order to make desired changes in building and grounds. The parsonage was moved eastward about 200 yards, the old sanctuary razed, a new sanctuary was constructed. In the mid 1970’s, the church approved construction of a new parsonage.

Many churches in the Varina area have some or all of their roots at Four Mile Creek. These include Gravel Hill, Hardy Central, Saint James and New Life.

The church’s bicentennial was observed in 1981 with a special celebration. In 2006, we celebrated our 225th Anniversary!

Four Mile Creek is located in an excellent community, which has grown up under the shadow of the influence of the churches in the Varina area. Four Mile Creek is finding abundant opportunity for service to God with its invigorating tradition, missionary outlook, loyal membership, and progressive pastor.

Four Mile Creek looks forward to continuing to serve the Lord in the Varina community with a meaningful program of worship and service.

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