FMC Youth welcomes all young men and women that are in the Middle school and High school age group.  Our goal is to empower young people with knowledge of God’s word so that they can go to the nations and effectively demonstrate God’s vast love, just as He did for us.


Mission Statement

To use the message of the Bible to impact the lives of youth and their families through worship, fellowship, mission and study; creating young men and women who understand and recognize who Jesus is and what it means to live for Him only.

Vision Statement

To foster a Christian environment that:

  • Surrounds youth with an unconditional love that fosters genuine relationships
  • Anchors them in the joys and traditions of the Christian faith
  • Energizes and equips them to extend the love of Christ to the world
  • Empowers youth to make Godly decisions
  • Provides a safe place for youth and their friends to come
  • Encourages youth to value and respect all people and themselves

Enables youth to become a productive part of society who use their talents to glorify God and disciple others


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