The Outreach Ministry at FMC provides opportunities for our people to get involved in programs and events whose purpose it is to reach the unchurched with the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

One of the important programs we partner with is Young Lives. Eastern Henrico Young Lives is a vital ministry that offers hope to teen moms. FMC sponsors this chapter for teen mothers to assure them they are not alone. Once a month CLUB gives them a place to meet with other teen moms and adult mentors to have fun, make new friends and experience support in being a teen mom. Food, activities, music, quality child care are provided as well as messages about real life and having God in their lives. An annual life changing camp experience is available each summer for the teen mom and her baby.

This ministry is available to teens age 13 to 19. If you know of teen moms who may want to experience this accepting and supporting environment while having fun times together with child care provided contact the Church Office at (804.795.2044).

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